Project  “Adventures through the Bible”
Why this project?
Because there is no such an audio resource in our language;
Evangelical kids as well as non-evangelical kids  need to know God, and drama is the best way for them;
I (Dana Mercioniu) received a personal guidance from God for this project

150 episodes divided in modules covering all the Bible
The script contains adapted texts for kids’ age with dialogues, life situations that kids can relate to and applications for their lives
What’s done for now

I (Dana Mercioniu) worked with Crispy Vandici for 6 months planifying the scripts for Genesis and we wrote 24, but only 6 are finished. What experience do we have? Crispy wrote the scripts for her programs in TWR, has studies in Education and she loves children very much;  I wrote scripts for high school,  church and Christian youth camps and Vacation Bible School (VBS) and public  theatre----I have studies in literature and theology; drama is my old hobby…
I have consulted psychologists specialized in child’s psychology;
Project marketing: 4000 flyers and 50 posters that we want to distribute in all country, churches and Christian organizations. Brother Nick Vandici will be in charge with the distributions…The purpose is forming the team’s actors, techniciens and fundraising…The promotion campaign is extended on the Internet (Christian sites) and will be broadcasting even a promo on the radio. Mihai, our technician, is in charge with the internet campaign and we hope he will get a team soon.
We have received some answers for actors and text editing.

What will be doing next

These months (September - December) there will be given some selection tests and we  will be forming the actors team…We are hoping to find technicians, musicians and to have a database of sound effects.
The project will start in January 2011, when the recordings will start. By then,  we need the actors, the technicians, the sound effects, the  musical soundtrack and some funds. We are planning to record the 24 episodes from Genesis and to start working on the next episodes from the next module: From Egypt to Canaan.
Other helpful resources:
Adventures Through The Bible flyer - front
Adventures Through The Bible flyer - back
Adventures Through The Bible Poster
Update: February 19, 2011 - The fourth episode recorded

Update: January 22,2011 Meeting with ATTB volunteers and TWR Romania Staff
ATTB News:
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