Update: January 22,2011 Meeting with ATTB volunteers and TWR Romania staff
On January 22, 2011 we had the first meeting with producers and actors of “Adventures through the Bible” project. In spite of the bad weather the participation was over expectation: 62 people were present next to the TWR Romania staff. We asked all participants to introduce themselves and say their favorite Bible character.  The production team and the actors of the main characters were presented too.
Peter Kolarovsky from TWR Europe was the guest speaker who encouraged the people, Dana Mercioniu - project coordinator presented the
content and purpose of the project, actress Ileana Cernat gave some artistic advices and Nick Vandici spoke about the importance of the project for Romanian Kids. An episode of Children’s Universe drama was quietly listened then; afterwards, live, interesting and positive discussions and suggestions for good quality programs came from many attendants. The time for the first recording was established. Finally it was given a book mark with prayer requests for the project to all participants. Discussions followed around a cup of tea or coffee and sweets. We thank to The “Grace” Baptist Church who joyfully accommodated us, especially to pastor Dan, Dana’s husband.
“Adventures through the Bible” meeting with all participants photo gallery
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