“Adventures through the Bible” - an adventure through faith
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Children today are subject to many bad influences. Many of them are simply abandoned in front of the TV,
left alone to form their own set of values. This task is too big for them. Thatís why we believe that they
need to know the Scripture, the only Book where they could find the true values. Our goal is to make The
Bible attractive to them, at their level of understanding, well-fit for their needs.
ďAdventures through the BibleĒ is a project addressed to the kids which presents the most
fascinating Bible stories in 150 episodes of radio drama. In every episode, the Biblical story is knitted
with a story of a family in our days, which recently discovered the Holy Bible. Through this family with
two kids, we are trying to surprise current childís problems (which in part are too much different from
another generation), and by the Biblical story we are trying to answer this need. Thus, every episode
illustrates a lesson for the little ones. The idea of this new project   loomed in 2010 and we believe it will
extend over a period of 5 years. As we finish each module, we will try to provide the episodes to the
children by radio or in kindergartens, schools, orphanages, churches... In the fall of 2010 we started to
promote this project through flyers and posters, on the internet and radio programs. Because of this,
over 80 volunteers joined our team of actors. We are grateful to the Lord for such a response! God
impressed upon many other hearts to support us technically and artistically.
We can say that God helped us through: we have script-writers, an artistic director, actors, technicians,
a composer, a minimal basis (which will get enriched) of sound effects and music.
Our project isnít supported financially yet and itís based on volunteers only.  With Godís help and the
support of the believers, we hope to get the financial support this project needs. Childrenís hearts are
very precious in the sight of the Lord. Itís worth to invest material things (time, moneyÖ) in something
thatís eternal!
Our plan for 2011 is to record the 24 episodes from the Beginnings Module, which represents the
stories of Genesis. We would like to invite you to join us in our journey thatís demanding but also
fascinating. We challenge you to a faith adventure with us!
Pray with us for:
Inspiration in writing the scripts ( to be Biblical, attractive, age fitted);

Choosing the right time for recordings;

Efficient use of time in rehearsal and recordings;

Good communication between the artistic director and the actors;

The perseverance of all that are involved;

Choosing the most adequate sound effects and music;

Good technical work of every episode;

Obtaining the financial support of this project.

Invest in “Adventures thru the Bible”…invest in children’s hearts
Dana Mercioniu, the project cordinator of ďAdventures through the BibleĒ will write some words about her and her familyÖ
nothing taken from itĒ as Ecclesiastes says.

God gave us two wonderful children, a little girl, Miruna, and a little boy, Philip. We are learning now
how tough and fascinating parenting can be.
For many years, God has entrusted me the ministry of being a teacher. Since 2007, I started to work
as a taster at a publishing house in Bucharest. I had much to learn as a teacher and as a taster:
culture lessons, life lessons, relationship lessons, and now I can look back gratefully at those years.
Life experiences and interaction with others mark our personality and influence in a measure what we
will become.
I am not a person who tries to cultivate her hobbies, but I can say that one of my passions is the
theatre. It followed me through childhood and teenage, when I wrote or played sketches till womanhood
when I coordinated groups of amateur actors in high school, in church or in Christian camps. When I
received the invitation to join this project that we called lately ďAdventures thru the BibleĒ, my joy was
great, because I had recently prayed for an opportunity to serve. I would like that through the episodes
of drama we will produce, kids nowadays would love and cherish the Bible, more than any other books
that stimulate their imagination, and especially to get to know the God of the Bible in a way that would
influence their lives. Pray that God would enlighten us so that we would make wise decisions and that
He may give us passion for Scripture and for children as well. Pray that He will renew our strength, that
we may accomplish what we began.
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Update: February 19, 2011 - The fourth episode recorded

Update: January 22,2011 Meeting with ATTB volunteers and TWR Romania Staff
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Dana Mercioniu
ATTB Project Coordinator
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